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      The company KUT-MET was founded in 2008 and despite our young age, we were able to prepare for you a variety of items. We are constantly looking for new solutions to increase the attractiveness of our offer.

We produce spiral elements made of flat iron 12x6 mm (smooth or textured), of rod 12x12 mm as well as shaped rods for balustrades.

In addition, we offer over 1200 different forged items, such as baskets, rosettes, textured rods, tubular rods, forged rods, railing piles, flat bars, balustrades, hole rods, pile tips, top pieces, spheres, light shades, flowers, leaves, cast iron products, carriages, rails for automatic transmission , rollers, hinges, closing caps, grips, boards, door locks, lock boxes, rivets, ornamental chains, slides and bars, letters, numbers, weather vanes, mailboxes, lights, color and patina.

Beside the forging products we offer also automatic gate opener for sliding gates, for swing gates and for garage doors.

Our main goal is satisfaction of our customers so we do our best to deliver high quality products on time and at good price.


What is quality? Quality is when the customer returns and not the product.



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